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Joe Madden

Director • Photographer

Joe is a highly successful con artist, having been masquerading as a director and photographer for the past six years without anyone finding out that he doesn't know what he's doing. Joe learnt his trade on the job as an in-house videographer and subsequently freelanced as a camera operator and editor for a string of ad agencies and production companies before setting up CAVSOC.

Joe has travelled the world directing commericials, corporate content and music videos and now oversees production on dozens of projects of all sizes.

Jack Ayers

Director of Photography • Producer

As a multi-award winning DOP, Jack has shot everything from commercials and live events to music videos and feature films. Jack previously trained as an actor before realising he was on the wrong side of the camera, and has never looked back since. He’s the hardest-working person on any given set, and usually the most popular too.

Jack is yet to pick up a camera he couldn’t find his way around within a couple of minutes - take that as a challenge!

Rory Yeung

Producer • Sound Recordist

Having originally started his career as a physicist, Rory brings scientific rigour and disipline to a creative industry woefully lacking in either. He has produced the majority of our music videos, taking our widly impractical concepts and surprising us all by actually making them happen. Rory also doubles up as the best sound recordist you've ever met. Oh... and he's a licensed drone pilot.

Outside of CAVSOC, we're also very proud that he is currently studying for a Master's degreee at the prestigious National Film & Television School.

Freya Espie

Production Designer • Art Director

A woman of impeccable taste, Freya makes everything in front of the camera look beautiful. She got her first break working as a runner on Eastenders, and has since gone on to art direct several of our music videos and short films.

Freya is currently working as Production Designer on her second feature film, managing an art department and generally being fabulous.